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BANGKOK 12 December 2018 05:12

Reverse culture shock tips if you haven't lived in the U.S. for a really long time

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I am a bit surprised to hear your considering going back Nancy

Only because I know of all the good things you do here for others & I always thought you would be a permanent CM resident

But I totally get the possible reasons & after 4 years we are moving back ourselves.

For us it is a little easier as we kept our home there

But I just wanted to say for the repatriating of money..Usually no questions if amounts kept smaller

(some say under 50k USD) we have never tested it but have sent smaller amounts 10-15k USD via wire no problems

Will try again soon & report back if anything has changed

But also you know you can get a cashiers check in USD that does not get the scrutiny of flying with cash & need not be declared when flying afaik.

You can even certify mail it or dhl/fedex it back to your bank for deposit ahead of time

as the one drawback is it can take up to 45 days to clear at many US banks/credit unions

We once took one for 10k with us & that is what we found

So if sent ahead is clear by the time you return.

Anyways...just some options & good luck to you & your husband smile.png


Just an FYI ...I sent back my money to the US from BKK bank.  I failed when I tried exactly 50K the first time. Then lowered it to $45K or $48? and they let it go through a day later.  Then I would go back every 10 days or two weeks and send the same sized chunk for a period of time till I got down to the end.  I was really stressed about that as I can see others are, if it would work or not.  I did send myself all this money via BKK bank and within my account that had been open all those years ...about 14 years. But I don't think they really looked or cared.  I never worked here.  


I was thinking if I got to the end and last amount would not go, I would fly with a large amount of cash too.  I want to WARN people here, it was obvious I was moving/leaving Thailand forever when I flew out of the local small airport.  I had dogs, adopted child and lots of things.  I was last to go through security and immigration and had asked them to pre-clear me actually due to staying downstairs with my dogs.  A bunch of very odd things happened upstairs when no other passengers were there and I was detained for some very strange reasons and then my wallet went missing and my daughter saw who took it, she told me later ..well she saw him in my purse when I was doing their paperwork.  They got a LOT OF STUFF that was important to me. Luckily I had two wallets ...one with my dollars in it and one credit card!!  But I was thinking that I was a target and might have had $10,000 or more with me that day, as I have done in days past.  Or valuable jewelry but luckily also I moved that back before and mostly never brought here but kept in a bank in the US ...but they do now have the keys to that.


So I have avoided saying exactly what happened, for certain reasons, so you will have to guess.  But think twice about flying out with valuables.  I think they might know when you are moving and then suddenly you will be a target like you have not been before ...especially if you fly out at midnight on a certain popular flight to Korea.

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Why are so many decent-looking men paired with mediocre-looking women, instead of vice versa?


I always see the opposite in the West-- lovely woman with a guy mediocre at best, or really goofy-looking or a total dog at worst.  And I just think, "Honey, I'm sure he's a very nice guy... but... I'm equally sure that somewhere out there is a very nice guy in a smokin' hot package, and it's not like you don't have the looks to score that."

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So, I'll give a Thai & farang perspective of going home.


My wife had lived in the US from her early teens until mid twenties. I'd moved to Asia, in various countries in my late thirties.


So after 10 years of being in Thailand, we got tired of it all, and decided to move back.


It was almost a relief in some ways, there are so many aspects of living in Thailand, where you have to suspend disbelief.


Of course nowhere is perfect, but we both slipped back into life in the US pretty easily. My wife got a job with the Dept of Defense, so she was happy, I was just, and hard to express, but the familiarity of everything was just nice, maybe thats a function of age, who knows. 


I'm not going to get into the relative cost thing, since that evokes a visceral response from some, but it works for us


We now enjoy a few months every year back in Thailand, but neither of us would ever regret moving back home

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