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That is why it is better to let the official service center do the repair, as they will be the only ones, who can order the part.  Somchai air-con does not want to buy the expensive part from them and not be able to mark it up...also, it would involve a lot of running around.  The Samsung guy told me 3500 parts and labor for a new board.  I just paid a 31 day electric for 900 THB, running the 17000 BTU INVERTER at will.  I have switched to keeping the windows closed, all the time, and it is amazing how much less dust there is.  I think Thai MITSU is overrated, but likely because they have a large installed base of older units, and are easier to get parts for, because they need so many.  They tout Rheem in the US for the same reason, even though they aren't close to being in the same league as Carrier, Trane, York....

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14 minutes ago, CharlieH said:

I dont know if it relevant in the situation but we had issues once with another item concerning "parts" and it turned out it had nothing to do with "the part". It was the fact that travelling out to us to change it was too low in money and he could make more on doing other jobs.

Too much travelling and hassle for small money.

Just a thought.

This reminds me of years ago when I was in the TV Repair business, It was back in the days when the majority of the TVs were still using vacuum tubes and service techs (myself) were still making house calls. 


Anyway we charged $19.95 to make an in home service call but this particular customer was considerably outside our service area. I asked my boss (owner of the store) if we could do a service call for that location. He said no problem but since it was so far out we need to charge $24.95. So I called the guy back and told him the new price for his location and he agreed. After getting the make/model info from the guy I loaded up with the schematic, spare tubes, and other necessities. It really was quite a drive from our location and when I got there I found the TV (floor model console as most were in those days) was dead, just as the caller said. I went around the back of the set and started to remove the rear cover when I noticed that the TV wasn't even plugged into an AC outlet. Regardless, I removed the cover and attached my AC cheater cord into the chassis, turned the unit on and it worked perfectly. Come to find out the owner was using an extension cord and apparently his son removed the extension cord to use elsewhere so the TV was no longer plugged in. The guy didn't want to pay me the agreed $24.95 at first because of a simple fix but I told him he needed to as it was agreed upon and I didn't own the shop so my boss would be expecting the payment but he could call my boss and ask. He didn't call, he paid, and as I was leaving I could hear a teenager getting his a$$ chewed out.


.....ahhh  so many glorious stories in the life of a TV Service Tech.....  :w00t:

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On 30/03/2017 at 11:08 AM, Pik said:


Perhaps Next one will be Samsung Wind Free 





Wow, nice one and they are also an Inverter. but only available in 10k and 12k BTU version. I hope they also have bigger versions available soon ;). I am personally a fan of Daikin Inverters (with R-32) but this one looks really good.







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I bought a new Daikin here a year ago, sold the condo. Had two Haiers in Penang I bought before; cheap and far superior in all ways. Daikin very loud fan, but it was the very basic model.

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Every year I make a long distance bicycle tour during which I stay in about 30 different accomodations, most of them throughout Thailand, lower/middle price range, and air-conditioned.
My estimation is that about 70 or more percent are equipped with Mitsubishi units; I personally find the "Slim" series most convenient, and if I would need a new AC at home I would go straight for one of these.

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