Looking for pink hair color in Bangkok

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I'm trying to find a decent stylist in Bangkok that offers bright hair colors (specifically pink). They'd need to be good with naturally blonde hair. They'd also need to fix what some box color I bought here has done. I'd prefer mid-range pricing (not tourist prices) and possibly someone who does more alternative styles. Any suggestions would be great. TY! ^.^

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Chetta lifestyle salon is the one.
Just got my hair colored and cut. Result: before looked 50+, now looks 30+ (of cos I'm not going to tell you my age)
She is very good. Normally i got in my previous color or touch-up = able to see the joint line between my old and newly colored hair. for her, you can't even tell the difference.... so natural. The cut is perfect, never ever image my hair can look so good and needless to say I too look so good all along :)

   I  like pink also and especially pastel like on newaylook , early I wanted go for it, but  know that pink dye fades quickly



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