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Looking for pink hair color in Bangkok

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I'm trying to find a decent stylist in Bangkok that offers bright hair colors (specifically pink). They'd need to be good with naturally blonde hair. They'd also need to fix what some box color I bought here has done. I'd prefer mid-range pricing (not tourist prices) and possibly someone who does more alternative styles. Any suggestions would be great. TY! ^.^

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Chetta lifestyle salon is the one.
Just got my hair colored and cut. Result: before looked 50+, now looks 30+ (of cos I'm not going to tell you my age)
She is very good. Normally i got in my previous color or touch-up = able to see the joint line between my old and newly colored hair. for her, you can't even tell the difference.... so natural. The cut is perfect, never ever image my hair can look so good and needless to say I too look so good all along :)

   I  like pink also and especially pastel like on newaylook , early I wanted go for it, but  know that pink dye fades quickly



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I went to Apple Salon near On Nut BTS station across the road from Big C shopping plaza and near The Base apt complex where I lived on Sukhumvit 77. The owner's name is Apple and she speaks fluent English. She has a Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Applehairstyles. I was able to book an appointment with her via the LINE app because when I originally walked into the salon as I was passing by in the neighborhood the staff didn't speak fluent English so they gave me the salon's business card and said I can call or message the owner to make an appt. The salon may just look like a basic local hair salon from the outside but they're very professional and it was always busy when I went in there, with locals and expats who lived in the nearby condos. Excellent prices over the overpriced salons that target westerners like ZenRed and Zahara with their flashy English websites. I've been finding that the best deals are outside of tourist trap Bangkok neighborhoods. I got a double process bleach and pink fashion ombré color application (on my natural dark hair) and it came out amazing where the color actually showed and was even. She posted a photo of the results on Facebook - I think it was around Mar 2017. It was only 2000 baht for the double process and included styling at no extra charge. Other salons i inquired at Zahara, ZenRed, in Ekkamai and in Habito Mall quoted double to triple and more (some salons were quoting a lot more saying that the color I want is "difficult to achieve")! I also got mink eyelash extensions here for 1000 baht and they lasted about 4 weeks. I also saw they offered facials but hadn't gotten any from here yet.

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If you are thinking about going pastel pink then be prepared for lots of bleaching first. There are a few salons in Bangkok when it comes to bleaching, fashion colors and English speaking stylists you can try.

This bangkok salon has been around for a long time working with Westerners and expats, infact i think it was the first, Its in Rama 3 and they are really good.

 Zenred Hair Salon Bangkok

Tel: 0836006176


Personally i would go for salons that have lots of experience working with Western clients or specialize in them and use the correct products. Here are some others i can vouch for and have tried myself which i was very happy with. This one is next to BTS Nana.

Zahara Salon Bangkok Sukhumvit

Tel: 0618452133


check the photos out of their work and choose the best one with decent reviews and contact them via facebook. Then go with the one who replies the most professionally and honest. Here is another good one next to Ploenchit BTS.

Savanna Nail & Hair Salon Bangkok

Tel: 0945488826


all of the above a decent salons with English speaking stylists that can work with Western styles. I have used them all in the past without complaints. Goodluck!


at the end of the day you will get what you pay for, if you want the best in a place like bangkok where options are limited and people are not always the most honest. Then dont go for the cheapest...






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