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Foreigner Neighbor is getting cheated on by girlfriend.

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My neighbor is a nice older English guy. Very polite and friendly. We have spoken a few times but we aren't close friends-just casual neighbors. However, his long term girlfriend (of four years) is/has cheated on him with at least two different men. One she has brought back to HIS room while he was out of town and spent the night.. That was another foreigner. Another guy she would have her pick her up in front of the condo and they would go meet for a quick dinner. (she came out in her gym clothes so she was obviously trying to be sneaky. Sadly, everyone in the Condo complex knows whats going on but him. I don't want to get involved in any drama but I feel bad for him and think he should know. The problem with physically proving it to him would involve the staff of the condo. Most of the information (gossip, videos, line app postings of her blatantly talking sweet to another (Thai guy) saying she has not boyfriend and posting in Thai because her foreign boyfriend cant read it). has come from the staff. His girlfriend boasts to the management staff how she has other boyfriends because her (foreign) boyfriend wont marry her and take care of her and her family. The staff clearly doesn't want to get involved but I can hear them talking (in Thai) about the whole situation. They feel bad for him as well and don't know if they should tell him.

Would you want to know? (I would). How would you approach the situation?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Brings to mind the fast show and Michael Paine.

' I am a nosey neighbor. Do you know ........ etc '

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