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BANGKOK 11 December 2018 07:46

PHUKET XTRA : VIDEOS: Phuket highway coming, Chalon’s deadly intersection, and suicide or cover-up? || September 7

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PHUKET XTRA - SEPTEMBER 7 - 12-lane Phuket highway, Chalong’s deadly intersection, PM coming to Phuket, probe of mysterious DSI death, 45-metre tumble off cliff, and bombs in the South.


-- © Copyright Phuket News 2016-09-07

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Sorry for the deaths, should not have happened if the white van had turned left and gone down to a legal "U" turn. Turning right as the van did  over double lines is illegal. Cant see from the video if there is a "turn left only" sign if not there should be. 

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First off all vehicles are not supposed to turn across DOUBLE SOLID YELLOW LINES .. but in Thailand no one cares about solid lines or any line markings on the roads... these are classic examples of Thai driving, you drive the way you want wherever you want .. dont obey the rules of the road .. bunch of lawless people with scant regard for traffic rules and laws and no courtesy when driving.. Long live bad driving in Thailand many more road accidents will follow!

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