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Gun Laws in Thailand

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On 2/12/2018 at 5:23 PM, MatteoBassini said:

The OP would have either seen a BB gun, or a shotgun.


While researching gun laws in Thailand, I was surprised that shotguns are also legal for regular citizens to own. They're even cheaper than pistols.




If you didn't know what this is, you would think it's a "black rifle" that is now infamous in the US. But it's not an AR-15, it's a Derya Mk12, a Turkish made 12-gauge shotgun. Similar shotguns like this are also popular in Thailand, like the Saiga-12. As far as I've researched, full-auto shotguns are also legal (they are treated no differently from pump-action shotguns or semi-auto shotguns in the law).



If I was living in Thailand or Phils  (which I've decided not to do) I would be less than confident as a farang not being able to possess a licensed firearm.   

Yet Thais and the Phils folk seem to have little to no problem owning such weapons and being entitled to use them at will.





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6 minutes ago, Kimber said:


No sense to it IMO.   a ballistic vest can't be used as a weapon other than being swung like a club.


I was presented with my old name tagged Ballistic vest on retirement, then had to destroy it when the laws changed.   Can't have people protected from some cop or thug trying to blow them away. 


BTW any reasonably trained Cop will have no trouble bringing someone down with leg shots.


A vest is also a restricted item in Thailand that civilians are not allowed to have, at least in public.  I am not sure that it falls under the Firearms Act but foreign reporters have been arrested trying to take them out of the country.  I am also not sure if you are allowed to have them in your home or not. Some guy was selling them made with steel plates at my shooting club out of his car boot here last year and said you could keep them at home for home defense, if you can put one on quick enough.  He had shot one with different calibres to show different sized dents made by each.

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On 2/12/2018 at 8:05 PM, Arkady said:


Yes, you can find Derya Mk12s and I think Saiga 12s too in Wang Burapha but they are not the full-auto versions.  Private citizens may own semi-auto shotguns, pistols, short barrelled sub-machine guns (also semi-auto only) and rim fire rifles in .22lr, .22 magnum or .17HMR. Lever action centre fire rifles are allowed but semi-auto centre rifles like the AR15 are prohibited for civilians and there is a temporary ban on imports of short barrelled semi-auto sub-machine guns, although there has been no recall and stocks already in the country can still be traded and transferred.  You can have a centre fire rifle that looks like an assault rilfe in .223 or .308 but on closer examination you should find that it has a charging handle that needs to be pulled back manually after every shot, unless it has been illegally modified.  Better to buy a more accurate bolt action rifle in that case but the assault rifles look cool to some people.  There are quite a few clever dicks locally who buy CMMG .22lr AR15 look alikes legally and convert them illegally to an AR15 by adding a .223 barrel and upper to use military 5.56mm ammo.  AR15s are fun to shoot but it is not worth the risk of getting caught with an illegal conversion in my opinion.


The reason that handguns tend to be marked up a lot more than shotguns and rifles is that gun shops get a much smaller annual quota of handguns to sell from the government than they do for long guns.  For some reason shotguns are regarded as less dangerous than handguns in .357 magnum and higher calibre which can only be licensed for sport, not self defence, and require a certificate of training from a certified range, which, of course, is available from many ranges for a small fee without having to do the training.  The cheapest legal firearms you can buy in Thailand are Turkish pump action shotguns and Czech bolt action .22lr rifles.



"You can have a....."       But not if you're a farang. 

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3 hours ago, Kimber said:


"You can have a....."       But not if you're a farang. 


The new amendments to the Firearms Act will unfortunately and unnecessarily in my opinion prohibit registration of guns to foreigners for the first time but there is nothing about prohibition by race.  Farangs with Thai citizenship will still be eligible.  I registered five guns as a foreigner with PR without any questions asked at all or any need to go for interview in those days, before obtaining Thai citizenship.  Only since I became Thai was my right to register firearms questioned, due to having a  farang face and name, which was bizarre, but all was resolved by appearing at the licensing centre in person and reassuring them I was really Thai and could speak and understand the language to their satisfaction.  They seem to be more nervous under the military government than in the past.  I understand from a gun shop that at least one farang with Thai citizenship has been turned down in Bangkok but I don't know the reason given.  They also reject some applicants who are Thai from birth for various reasons.    

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