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BANGKOK 14 December 2018 13:30


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Searching for cheap sailboat

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Hi I'm going to be spending winter in thailand for an adventure. was hoping to by a cheap sailboat and explore on my own, when I say cheap I mean cheap couple thousand us dollars worth. I don't care what it looks like as London as it doesn't leak and sails. Any thought where to start or in general. I hoped to be able to sleep on it.


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Try Craigslist, bahtsold.com and if you don't mind searching blind (in Thai), kaidee.com


Cheap sailboats in Thailand usually don't make it to the ad websites and get snapped up quickly if they're reasonable value.  Where you can buy a disused 22-25' for scrap value in the USA, here they go for big bucks.   Labor to clean up a real mess is cheap here.


I'd appreciate a PM if anyone knows of a decent one for up to $10,000.  No Hobies or Lasers- unless they're dirt cheap.  I love 'em, but the older I get, the slower I can tolerate in a trade-off with comfort and shade.

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Interesting finding this in the fishing forum.... !


I am always interested in sailboats but have no experience in looking after one, only been on my friends boats or sailing on small dinghies. So I am planning to do a course in Phuket to learn and get some practical experience in sailing and also some useful certificate.


But before looking to buy one I thought I should check where to keep a boat here, so I checked all the marinas in Phuket (visited 3), you never guess how much they charge you to park your boat there, it runs in 18k baht per month region for a 10 meter (30 feet or so) plus whatever else they can add. The cheapest I found was in Krabi marina, about 9k baht, but it is a really small place and not sure how the security is like there (or any of these other places - say if you want to leave the boat for a few months and go away etc.....).


So unless it is a lot cheaper to park and keep a sail boat in a safe marina in other places in Thailand, I kind of gone off the idea of owning one. As they say buying a boat is one thing, maintaining and looking after it is a totally different ball game...



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