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An island besieged by corruption and mafia: Army reclaims Koh Samet as true national park

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19 minutes ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:

Let's see if the tough talk and promises turns into an ongoing, permanent change for the good..


Or, will it just be another case of the money going into a different set of hands, but the scams and illegal activities being allowed to continue -- after this "brief" interruption.


If the police did it probably yes, the army seems to have better control over the situations although I am sure someone is going to point out an incident that wasn't handled well.

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36 minutes ago, johng said:

My thoughts go towards the  many hundreds of Thais who have suddenly been deprived of their lively hoods and now wont be able to provide for their families.


Sad, indeed.  But if it preserves the resource for their kids, their grandkids and future generations to enjoy and benefit from, it's short term pain for long term gain.


Conceding, of course that it's a real big "if".


I also wonder about the unintended consequence of putting dozens of mafia types on the streets with no marketable skills other than scamming tourists and extorting their countrymen.  One upside of their previous ventures?  100% voluntary for the victims.  No telling whether it will be voluntary going forward. 

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2 hours ago, webfact said:

Central national Park officials said the clear out relates to businesses that were exploiting the island illegally to generate some 100 million baht in income per month.

Gee after all these years the military/BIB have seen de light. Somebody must have replaced their Ever Readies. A flavor of the day no doubt. Impressed the H out of me. 

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