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Immigration police stepping up checks on foreigners in Hua Hin and Cha Am

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On 24/11/2016 at 8:53 AM, scotchonrocks said:

Thailand: full of brainless thugs and xenophobes. When the foreigners finally get fed up with the bs, up sticks and leave, then what? 

Don't you really mean now that foreigners are fed up.

Empty houses condos apartments and hotel room show people are fed up with it.

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22 hours ago, JimHuaHin said:

Earlier in the week I did my 90-day reporting at Hua Hin Immigration.


I was asked to bring with me the next time I do my 90-day report (1) the house registration book and (2) to draw a map of where my house was located.


Has anyone had similar recent exoperiences at Hua Hin Immigration?

I think that the requests for additional papers depends on an individuals track record. The IO can see from his screen record your history from Day 1 and, where there are, or have been changes of address, looks for confirmation.


Apart from my very first (retirement) extension in BKK where I was then living, I have reported the same address here in HH for twelve years and have always been able to meet the financial requirements and have never been asked for any paperwork in addition to that listed. With one exception (a 90 day) always done in person I have had courteous service and trust that the move to their new location will give them the space to segregate the various services.

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The first time I made the extention from non o visa to retirement stay permit in Phuket, they asked to make 90days report before giving me the stay permit (illegal cause 1st extention already a 90days report itself) and so the officer called by phone the place I used to stay and they told I checked out without saying that I was a permanent guest there and they oblidged me to check beeing fully booked for few days. So the officer accused me to be a lier but I had booking at hotel just beside, they didn't accept any reason and shouting like an eagle kicked me out like a criminal in front of everybody there. A real abuse of power. Flew immediately to Bkk and just 2 days b4 expire date got extention without any request or bewise of adress.......

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