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Jonathan Fairfield

Koh Phangan hospital backtracks after pregnant English tourist is unable to pay medical bill

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Koh Phangan hospital backtracks after pregnant English tourist is unable to pay medical bill


Image: Workpoint News via Sanook


A private hospital on Koh Phangan backtracked on a 100,000 baht hospital bill after initially taking an English woman's passport because she could not pay.


Following the full moon party an English woman tourist had been admitted to the hospital with blood coming from her uterus. She was three months pregnant and was further suffering from fainting fits.


With friends she explained that she had very little money after being in Thailand for a month but she did have travel insurance.


The hospital admitted her then transferred her to a sister hospital on Koh Samui.


When a bill for 103,319 baht was presented to her it was realized that the policy did not cover pregnant women. She had no money to pay and the hospital took her passport and threatened her with legal action.


This happened before she was due to fly home on Sunday and she was unable to leave. Friends helped her come up with just 20,000 baht for the treatment after negotiations with the hospital.


Thai friends of the English woman went to the tourist police and reporters from Workpoint News got involved, reported sanook.com.


When this happened the hospital immediately backtracked, returned the passport and even returned her money.


No quotes or further information from the hospital was reported in the Sanook.com article.


Source: http://news.sanook.com/2123094/


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2016-12-12

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1 hour ago, Strange said:


Never, EVER, give up that passport. 


Single most important thing to a foreigner here in Thailand, second is bug-out cash and credit cards. They get you by the balls (or uterus).


Also its a real chickenshit maneuver/probably illegal to take someones only travel document and hold it hostage. Let alone its wasn't even an official person, just hospital people. Pretty pathetic on the hospital and infuriating just reading it. 


As for the rest of the topic, well, Full Moon Party, 3 months pregnant, no money..... 


Taking the passport or not is irrelevant.  Try leaving a hotel with any amount due whether true or not, and watch how fast the old security guard tries to stop you and if you resist some cops show up pretty quickly.  You won't make it down the street or to the airport. 

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