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Jonathan Fairfield

Koh Phangan hospital backtracks after pregnant English tourist is unable to pay medical bill

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First of all nobody as third party has the right to withold your passport as it still belongs rented service to you by Gov.

Read last page....secondly if you have a travel Insurance read the small print...exclusion of treatment...thirdly Hospital can claim fee from patient after policy not cover you.And last then it becomes a legal case between 2 parties with regards to payment.

Passport can only be claim by authorities such Police by criminal cases ....not pay is a civil case afterall.

Anybody whom give a passport aka motorbike rental is aswell in the wrong as you not entitle to hand over your passport to a third party ..read your own GOV law.

Despite practise is here by doing so but it is wrong if you go along with it by giving your passport instead of copy ...and if you do so than you legally spoken negligence your own International Law rights yourself.

Hospital here loosing a large amount every year because no insurance or policy is not known by themselves ....so if you do not have coverage in any event whom is to blame.

But Hospital practice withold passport is a violation under the International Law ..as claims admin is not a state police and prostecuter this is the court.

You need to know at least a little of your Law rights and duties.

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7 hours ago, jimlek said:

Great mum to be. A full moon party of all places!

I met a woman in Kan that was 8 and half months pregnant and still smoking,wanted a small baby and pain free birth!!!!!I think she had another fag after i took issue with that response.

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