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Kanchanaburi - eating, drinking, sleeping.

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On 12/30/2016 at 3:53 PM, Mansell said:

I would highly recommend the Good Times Resort. It is right by the river and 3 clicks from the bridge. I stayed there twice while riding to Cambodia and on my return. Lovely staff, breakfast included in the restaurant by the river. I also ate dinner there one evening and watched the sky change colors. Swimming pool with fresh towels there for everybody...pool is not big, but perfect size for me. When I walked into reception in May in big heat and dripping after being on the motorbike, they handed me some nice cold water....I like initiative in people. I suggested Good Times to some older friends heading north from Phuket on a motorcycle trip, and they all loved the place. The museum is walk to the road and turn right and down the road, a nice walk. Bridge is to the road and turn left, and 3 clicks.....if it isn't hot, a nice walk. When I head north again I will return to this comfortable resort.



Kanchanaburi is  loooong way from Cambodia Mansell, right across Thailand in fact.  Were you doing a trip around Thailand enroute, or was it Myanmar you were going to and from?  Or maybe you're thinking of another place, close to the Cambodia border?

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Jolly Frog has changed hands and is now the Smiling Frog. Hopefully they will be firing a lot of their terrible, grumpy service staff and starting again from scratch.

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