Student found dead after friends failed to wake him for New Year

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3 hours ago, JacChang said:



Good job kkerry. elgordo and lostinisaan, kkerry has provided the infos you need to be informed.

Thank you JacChang or is it Jackie Chan??

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On 1/4/2017 at 4:10 PM, lostinisaan said:


He might be trapped inside of a video game now and can't get out. 


I once carried out a mental health assessment (MHE) on a young man in Sydney,Australia and I think that he may have been South Korean-but the nationality really doesn't matter...


For five days he had sat at his computer entering a "secret code" that prevented the world from being destroyed.He fought tooth and nail,even in his enfeebled state, when the police finally kicked down the door (on my instructions) because he had this duty to perform and had not eaten or drank for five days.

Very close to death.Lost in the internet world.Many people that I have interviewed had entered that space and the return journey was prolonged and very difficult.

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he was a student at a 'well known university'.


ummm.... well known for WHAT?



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