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What to plant 1 rai land with

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Put a small pond in the middle and grow everything you like to eat. Make sure taller plants/trees are spread around and grow all your other crops in and around them.

If you grow to eat rather than sell you'll be better off as you'd spend a lot more on buying veges than you would get from selling.

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can i throw in a mother in law and wife's son

i think wouldn't even make a good compost 

anything planted would turn out sour and rotten 

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Dear OP, I've read through the thread and am really interested to know that you did with you rai of land in the end. I'm not trying to be nosy, but I have 2.5 rai in Korat and aside from a few citrus trees and the odd fruit tree, I'm not sure of what to grow (avocados are going to be planted for sure - just as soon as I get around to it). 

I've planted a bit of asparagus and garlic, but am waiting to see how these do in this climate. 

Would love to "steal/copy" a few success stories. 

Am in Korat, near the Buriram border. 

Any feed back you can give us re your rai would be much appreciated by me and others here. 



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