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Beware of Bangkok Bank

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Since 2014, to present day,  but not every month, my account has been hacked. I've taken so many precautions it's to the point of becoming  ridiculous. Closed all accounts and reopened at a different branch, cancelled all ATM cards and issued new ones on many occasions. Now, recently move to another branch and yes, hacked! This is becoming costly and very  inconvenient when doing my banking.  

Police reports, arguing slightly to try to make them understand the situation but somehow and some way, it becomes my fault! Today was just another glorious day at the bank, the manager insisted that according to their SYSTEM, I withdrew monies from the ATM at an really early morning time. Knowingly that my money was not safe I removed my Thai baht and left a balance of 126 baht. When I checked my bank book, 4000 was withdrawn and put me at an negative balance. My question was, how do I withdraw 4000 with a balance of 126? Reply: " the system was offline and it did not know your balance!"  I am not exaggerating this was my reply! Now they are suppose to check the CCTV but not all ATM's have these cameras. If they are somewhat telling the truth, go and use your ATM cards at 3:00 am and withdraw monies that you don't have! 


The police were actually very helpful and rather honest, saying that the bank will try to keep your money but they are  responsible for money being taken from your account. Now the question arises, why are you still doing business at that bank? Answer, I need a Thai bank located in the USA! 


Does anyone know of a way to receive monies from the US that does not include the Bangkok Bank? I'm becoming rather frustrated with the skimming of my ATM Card, Foreign Currency Deposit Account, and  a regular account all,of which is being hacked! 


Thank you

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Why Bangkok Bank? Why not another bank?


There are numerous money transfer methods. Just google and read through all the different online methods/mobile apps to see which one is best for you.

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Same thing happened to me!! Someone withdrew 20k at ATM in thonburi 6am got police report bank wouldn't refund money! Bkk bank defo something dodgy then. There must be something I can do to get money back right??

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5 hours ago, PoorSucker said:

Hacked multiple times, take your computer to a professional clean.

You probably have some spyware.

The OP didn't say he does online banking. The OP suggests that his only interaction is via ATM using his card.

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Switch to Kasikorn. I've been with them for years and I have no complaints. Btw I also have accounts with Lloyds, Santander, HSBC and AFR, but Kasikorn continue to impress me.

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