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BANGKOK 17 November 2018 07:07

River Kwai Fishing

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I have no personal advice, other than having watched some locals throwing topwaters at snakeheads near bridge pilings.  I asked them and they said they do pretty good on some days, not great on others.  I saw them get some hits, but didn't see them land anything.


I don't recall the time of year, but one hotel I stayed at had some kind of berry tree hanging over the water, and the fish were nailing the berries as fast as they hit the water.  I caught a couple of little dace looking fish (6-8" long) on some corn on a bare hook at another hotel where I stayed in a raft right on the water.


Post back a fishing report if you have any luck.  The place is nice enough that catching fish is optional to enjoying being on the water.

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