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BANGKOK 11 December 2018 20:07

Man shot after karaoke girl screams: "He's just too BIG for me!"

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Man shot after karaoke girl screams: "He's just too BIG for me!"



Picture: Daily News


RAYONG: -- A man was shot after a karaoke sex worker turned him down for having too big a "package".


Now the manager of the venue in Rayong town faces attempted murder charges.


Monday evening was proceeding normally enough as five friends were enjoying the company of hostesses at the karaoke bar in Soi Sermsap, Muang district, reported Daily News.


Then one of the party Annop Sinsamut, 30, decided to take one of the girls for sex in a room behind the bar. He paid the manager Thongbai Wonglakhorn, 55, 2,500 baht for the girl and the couple went to the room.


But within seconds the girl had run out of the room crying out in shock and dismay: "Ooohoo. He's too big. I just can't do it. I'm scared of it".


Her reappearance was quickly followed by the well endowed Annop who argued that he had paid for the girl and he wanted some action.


Soon the manager's son intervened in the argument and it escalated to the point where his dad Thongbai got smashed in the face with a fist. At this point Thongbai went and got a .38 revolver and shot twice into the group of customers.



Picture: Daily News


The first shot missed but the second hit Annop in the abdomen.


Police arrived shortly afterwards and the shot man was taken to Rayong Hospital while the manager, now surrounded by an angry mob of young people, was arrested and charged with attempted murder and weapons offences.


The owner of the karaoke is set to be charged with running a brothel.


Source: Daily News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-02-14
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The man now have complex for life. If he survive off course.
Imaging showing it and the girl runs away. A scar for life.

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