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Sending computer to Australia for repair

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Hoping someone can help.

my MacBook has packed up with a known fault and I can get it repaired by Apple in Australia if I can get it there. Has anyone used DHL or FedEx from Krabi? If so can you let me know how to contact them, unfortunately the li po battery prevents it from being shipped by normal methods. 

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I worked for a Thai company. We had a fairly sophisticated expensive instrument that needed repair. It was sent to the US. When it came back from the repair, Thai customs treated it as a new imported device and put a ridiculous duty charge on it. The boss threw a fit but there was nothing he could do about it. He paid the duty. 

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The outcome was that I removed the battery and sent it parcel post, this is allowed if clearly marked " battery removed ".

I was also worried about customs on return but I addressed it to my Thai Wife and all I had to do was sign for it, no duty required.

Quite amusing as a few weeks earlier I was charged 800 bht . on a parcel of sweets and chocolates sent by a friend.

Total outlay was approximately 14000 bht as opposed to quote of 34000 which would have been sent to Singapore.

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