U.S. lawmakers push for answers on Trump team's Russia ties

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12 hours ago, ilostmypassword said:

It's odd though. Trump still refuses to say anything negative about Putin.

Interesting comments here. LOL






In a rather strange op-ed in Kommersant, the newspaper's editor Maksim Yusin lamented Trump's decision and longed for a Hillary Clinton presidency.


"I think Russians will come to regret their support for Trump and wish Hillary or Obama were in the White House," Yusin wrote. Then, oddly, "Hillary would not have done this without talking to Putin or Congress first."



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Still to early - Putin is playing the long game, while Trump is playing tiddly-winks - to know if there is any "buyer's remorse"?


Certainly it would behoove Putin to feign dissatisfaction at this point, wait until things die down, but he still gets much more with a Trump WH than with an HRC WH.


For Putin it's now more about "cleaning" things up, can you say "defenestration", and waiting.


It may have been "too soon" for 'Wayne Tracker' to press for the ExxonMobile waiver?

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