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Koh Phangan tourist businesses furious as warrant issued for arrest of policeman who robbed two Russian holidaymakers

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Nice to see the people rise up and demanding something. Has been waiting long time to see that happen. It´s the only thing that will change something.

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10 hours ago, BKKBrit said:

Considering that tourism under the current government is nudging to generating 12% of GDP and more than 10% of the population is directly or indirectly generating an income from provision of services - what's your problem?


Might want to check your figures :-)





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28 minutes ago, Toshiba66 said:

This happens everyday somewhere in Thailand. Nothing will ever change. No one will be put in prison where they all belong. If the penalties here were the same as any western country things might change. Maybe. But that will never happen.

"no one will be put in prison"

Of course they will!

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