Samui ferry inundated with water harks back to Townsend Thoresen disaster

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3 hours ago, Sydebolle said:

I travelled quite a few times on Raja ferries in 1999/2000 and they used third hand vessels with Chinese characters (second hand) and (East-) German instructions from a VEB-shipyard in Rostock. VEB was a terminology used by the German Democratic Republic only so you can imagine that the vessel did not really undergo an improvement by the Chinese after buying said ferry from Honecker-land.

I am pretty sure they never replaced these old ferries hence if it was that ferry then the boat is 30+ years old at least; more likely though pushing 50. Given the great attention to maintenance by both the Chinese and the Thais it is - seriously - only a matter of time 


One of their boats still has the timetable for when it worked around Kobe stuck on a wall near one of the walkways. 


R10 their "brand new" boat (how they described it) has Chinese/Kanji characters written on the bow and visible in the video they made about it being new. 

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