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Dutch man stabbed by Thai men after road rage fight on Samui

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Dutch man stabbed by Thai men after road rage fight on Samui


Image: Daily News


SAMUI:-- A 27 year old Dutch tourist was left in hospital after he was attacked by two Thai men in an apparent road rage incident on Koh Samui yesterday.


Police are hunting two youths who were with two girls on a pair of motorbikes. 


They had been driving along the Samui ring road in the Bo Phut area cutting in and out as tourist Dasemil Solakovich rode his own Honda Click.


But near the First Bungalow intersection the Thai men got off and a fight broke out.


The man from the Netherlands told the cops from his hospital bed that he got the better of the two Thai men and when they realized they were losing the fight they pulled out knives and he was stabbed in the chest and ribs.


Members of the public ensured he got to hospital - police found only his bike and blood at the scene.


Police chiefs on the island have ordered an extensive manhunt to catch those responsible.


Source: Daily News


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-03-02

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