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Jonathan Fairfield

Dutch man stabbed by Thai men after road rage fight on Samui

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21 hours ago, Paruk said:

I think you tried to imply I might find that kind of behaviour "good Thai culture". But if that is not the case, fine. I would have said it differently to avoid the misunderstanding. The excessive use of "you know" served a purpose. To mimic a certain kind of people that use the two words as a stop between almost every sentence. It's an expression of simplicity and the urge to get confirmation from others. The intention was to put some satire in the mix, but that might have passed some over the head.


Immigrants that ask hosts not to celebrate their religious festivals as it offends them are included in my statement about house and domain. That is quite obvious, isn't it?


Your fourthly, beats me what you mean with that. Please elaborate.


And your last one. I hear regularly stories from Thai that are not particular flattering for the farang around here. Once (far before my time) Thailand was a welcoming and friendly, polite country. Enough stories around about that. We can ask ourselves today, what happened that it is so different these days? It would go far beyond the scope of this thread to go into details, but it is not so hard to imagine if one looks around and pays good attention. That's why I can understand their attitude towards foreigners. That doesn't automatically mean I fully endorse it. Hope that makes things more clear.

Can you - like many others on here that won't take no for an answer - not read?

Quote:- :mfr_closed1:

I've had enough of this argy bargy with you and your extreme views on Farangs, and excuses for why the Thais act the way they do towards them! So please take note again as you seem to have trouble in understanding:- :mfr_closed1::mfr_closed1::mfr_closed1: 

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20 hours ago, balo said:

Just don't provoke them and you'll be just fine most of the time. The Iranian must have used some strong words. 

Sounds like you're talking about a pack of wild dogs or snakes! Weeell.....?
"Dutch man stabbed by Thai men after road rage fight on Samui"

"The Iranian"? 

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Obviously this thread is going nowhere, regarding the topic....


If relevant information comes forth, it will be added.



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