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Dutch man stabbed by Thai men after road rage fight on Samui

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1 hour ago, sambum said:

Can you - like many others on here that won't take no for an answer - not read?

Quote:- :mfr_closed1:

I've had enough of this argy bargy with you and your extreme views on Farangs, and excuses for why the Thais act the way they do towards them! So please take note again as you seem to have trouble in understanding:- :mfr_closed1::mfr_closed1::mfr_closed1: 

I think you are very closed and hardly open to other than your own opinion/ideas. Feel free to move on and not come back on this thread. Only thing missing now is, that you will call me a Russian agent working for Putin.

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Obviously this thread is going nowhere, regarding the topic....


If relevant information comes forth, it will be added.



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