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Koh Phangan rogue cop returned to island "on holiday" after being given "inactive post" for extorting tourists

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5 minutes ago, bigdod said:

Unbelievble.....and Thai still think that the world will ever take them seriously as long as this **** is happening.....

When you were little, and told the teacher that the dog ate your homework, didn't you think he/she would believe you?   Now at this point, there's a behavioral fork in the road.  Some kids learned their lesson, learned to do their homework and didn't repeat the foolish lie, while some few others just kept on not doing their homework and repeating the same tired lie until the teacher probably began thinking it was even funny...pathetic, but funny and ended up just grading the uncaring, ignorant non-achiever accordingly.  'Not too many valedictorians in the latter group...





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BANGKOK 20 November 2017 04:51