More African "tourist" prostitutes targeted as Pattaya clean up continues

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1 hour ago, jimster said:

 I thought men came to Thailand for Thai women, not foreigners from a completely different continent.


Not necessarily. Our cesspoolians are equal opportunity mongers. Besides, the Africans, though hardly the best representatives of their continent, could compare favorably w/ some of the Thai women you see old farts in Pattaya hauling in tow.

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On 4/24/2017 at 5:45 PM, jimster said:

Prostitution is not the crime of the century for sure, but these women will be deported because they're foreigners. They're engaging in an illegal activity and working in breach of the law (no work permit).

"But these women will be deported"  Really???  They should be but it always looks like catch and release fishing to me.  Throw them back to catch again.  Good income stream!!

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On April 21, 2017 at 2:08 AM, The Deerhunter said:

Easy.  Just arrest 6 or12 a day and deport them after tattooing their forehead.  OK!  I apologize.  Record their biometrics.  It will come into use here soon enough.  I imagine the disease and dishonesty rate exceeds that of the local hookers.  I would not want to trust myself to be alone in a room with most of the African hookers I have seen here.  Really scary, some/most of them.  

Maybe posts some links exposing African ladies as thieves or troublemakers.  They can be deported so outside of these arbitrary round ups these girls stay out of trouble. 

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