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Thai psychologist talks frankly about bestiality after Lampang man has his way with a cow

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Thai psychologist talks frankly about bestiality after Lampang man has his way with a cow



Image: Daily News


A well known Thai psychologist has spoken to the media concerning people who practice sex with animals after a man was reported to police for enjoying himself with a Lampang cow.

Villagers in Ban Rong in Muang district of the northern Thai province had called in the cops after seeing a 40-50 year old man who "was drunk and acting rather weirdly" in a field of cattle.

Police made an arrest though the fate of the man was not reported by Daily News.

However, the media organization decided to seek out a top psychologist and Dr Wallop Piyamanotham was able to help them with his professional opinion.

Dr Wallop said: "Having sex with animals is an example of deviant sexual behavior. It is practiced by people who invariable like to keep themselves to themselves. They are on the edges of society, not really in it.

"They may well have a fear of the opposite sex and what many would call normal sexual behavior. They are immensely preoccupied and when they get the urge to have sex with an animal they have to follow through and do it," he said.

"Such people are very excited by sex with animals," Dr Wallop continued "and this kind of behavior is becoming more and more prevalent in society".

He said that an increasing number of people in Thailand were having sex with goats, sheep and even chickens. Though he admitted that intercourse with dogs and cows was still the most popular due to their abundance in the country.

He said that the behavior was not good and he recommended treatment to alleviate the intense feelings that such people have. Blow up sex dolls and sex toys can be useful in this regard, said Dr Wallop.

But his final word on the subject was a warning about the effect of drink: "When alcohol is involved it only increase the prevalence of the behavior," he said.

Bestiality is often used interchangeably with the term zoophilia. Wikipedia says that bestiality is cross-species sexual activity between human and non-human animals. Zoophilia is a paraphilia (abnormal sexual desire) involving a sexual fixation on non-human animals.


Source: Daily News


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-03-04
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Bestiality is as old as time it self, and there's nothing new here, people in remote

area have often resorted to such activities with all kind of live stock,

( not withstanding doing it with people who resembles animals )...... 

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