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Problem switching keyboard layout

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I've recently reinstalled LMDE 2 with Cinnamon, and now I can't toggle keyboard language between English and Thai.  The "Keyboard" applet shows both "us" and "th" which makes me think I've successfully installed the Thai keyboard layout, but when I select "th" the applet immediately flips back to "us" and the keyboard layout doesn't change.


Any thoughts? (I've already tried uninstalling the Thai keyboard layout and reinstalling it.)



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I'm not sure about Mint and using keystrokes to switch input methods but in Ubuntu the key combination is left Windows key and spacebar. Hold down the left Windows key (between ctrl and alt) and tap the space bar and see if this works.


If you have 2 inputs available this toggles between the two. If you have 3 or more it changes to the next input method on the list.


Maybe the applet has issues and the key strokes will work. Be sure to do upgrades on your system as well. Some of these bugs get fixed quickly.

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