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Police appeal for help as fears grow for missing Russian tourist

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Police appeal for help as fears grow for missing Russian tourist



Image: Daily News


Police are stepping up their efforts to locate a missing Russian woman who disappeared from Koh Tao more than two weeks ago.

Twenty three year old Valentina Novozhyonova was staying at the Koh Tao Hostel hotel where she checked in on February 11th. She was due to leave on the 16th.

A considerable time passed before the owner of the hotel became suspicious. Napha Sanethip eventually went to check her room and found her phone, camera and passport but no trace of the occupant.

The owner went to report her missing to the police.

A Russian by the name of Sergey Busagin has also been in touch with police about the missing woman after he was asked to look into the matter by a friend.

Now the police have made an appeal to the public for help. Koh Tao police can be called on 077-456098.

Valentina is 170 cms tall and was due to go to Koh Samui after Koh Tao. Daily News reported that her favorite pastime is swimming.

Koh Tao has never been far from the news after the murder of two British tourists in 2014 for which two Burmese immigrants were convicted and are currently on death row.

An online appeal for information about Valentina was reportedly started by relatives in Russia who have had no contact with her for over two weeks.


Source: Daily News


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-03-05

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25 minutes ago, Nicolas32 said:

Sadly the chance are really that she is died it's way too long now and that there is a serial killer but the mafia on Koh Tao are covering up there nestegg for well over two weeks now and getting there stories right before making everything public .. I would also be surprised if a body will turn up this time around because where there is a body there will be media and a lot of pointing fingers  and a scapegoat in all matters and people stepping all over the crime scene and evidence.. 

I was going to say much the same thing but decided not too until more information becomes available  due to sensitivity and that friends and family are likely reading this thread. so far all that is known is that she was alone staying in a hotel on Koh Tao and she has not been seen or heard of for 2 weeks


If and when more information is available I will reserve my opinions and comments until that time

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1 hour ago, darksidedog said:

Given the amount of people dying and going missing in Koh Tao, one has to question why people keep going there.

Maybe when the tourists dry up, a proper investigation might try to find the people behind these incidents.

Sex drugs and rock and roll.

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2 minutes ago, IamNoone88 said:

This will not end well. I hope I am wrong but blond, young girls are being targeted and this is not over by far. A much larger carpet will be required to sweep this under ........ 

not if there is nothing more about it - just some poor girl missing for ever

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