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"Justice will be done" say police in murder of student in Cha-Am

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Justice will seem to be done anyway.

If u r a Burmese young man in the area that night,,,,,, RUN

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I just feel its a waste of time reading such news because it would eventually be forgotten.

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This is a similar kind of case that's still working its way thru the courts. Sons of policemen are most of the suspects.




They should have been charged with first degree murder, but they weren't. At least, however, they're supposedly still in jail and not out on bail pending trial.


But as the Khaosod article recounts, illustrating the way things often work:



Matus said he’s afraid that the suspects will spend little time behind bars, even if they are convicted of second-degree murder, which carries a penalty ranging from 15 years in prison to execution. First-degree murder, on the other hand, has only one penalty: death.

In Thailand, guilty defendants rarely receive maximum sentences – especially if they confess – and may be eligible for royal pardons handed down on important dates related to the Royal Family.

“Their sentence will be reduced many times, and they will be out of jail soon,” Matus said.



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5 hours ago, MarkusAUST said:

One wonders if the police would have done anything, had the mother not created a scene.

This "one" does not wonder.

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