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USA topic -- Expat specific issues regarding repeal and replace of Obamacare

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1 hour ago, mania said:

That is a govt insurance program isn't it?

I was referring to private companies


Government insurance is provided by private firms - this is BS/BC plan for government.

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Posted (edited)

Selling across state lines has been going on forever....that's why you see many insurers sell policies in all 50 states.   But in those cases the insurance company is approved/licensed by "each" of those 50 states...that insurer complies with the regulations/laws in each state to sell an insurance policy, be it health insurance, auto insurance, etc.   However, insurance programs for federal employees/military/etc., is a little different as states have much less control/say in the matter.


However, when some politicians talk about allowing "selling across state lines"  they are talking about an insurer being allowed to sell their insurance product in each state but only being licensed in as little as one state. 


Like being licensed by Mississippi (i.e., complying with all Mississippi insurance rules/regulations which might be strong or might be weak) and then being allowed to sell in all 50 states.  Then say if a customer in Ohio had a bitch about the insurance policy, well, Ohio insurance regs/laws would not apply but Mississippi insurance regs/laws.  Plus there are state taxes involved.


States (Republican or Democrat controlled) really "do not" want to give up or reduce their insurance regulation powers not matter what politicians may say during an election campaign.    



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A relevant update --



Trump administration proposes rules for health plans without certain Affordable Care Act protections


The Trump administration proposed new rules on Thursday to make it easier for small businesses and individuals to buy a type of health plan long favored by conservatives that could bypass some of the insurance protections built into the Affordable Care Act.

The proposal, issued by the Labor Department, would carry out the most significant part of an executive order that President Donald Trump signed in October, directing the government to foster more alternative types of insurance. Proponents say that the so-called association health plans would be less expensive, while critics - including the insurance industry - fear that they would promote substandard coverage and weaken the ACA's already fragile insurance marketplaces.




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