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Body Parts in Koh Tao do not belong to missing Russian Woman

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3 hours ago, bannork said:

I guess the Russian diving partner, if he did exist, never came back from The Philippines.


Given the vagaries of the local judicial system, and the tendency for the RTP to look for any non-Thai (especially not Hi-so Thai) to place the blame on, would you?  


Me?  Not on your life.  I hear Bali and the Phils are great alternative holiday spots.  But I'd probably start holidaying in the Caribbean, just to be a little further out of reach of "the club". 




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the story has gone silent because she has not been found. I remember a couple of years ago a male diver usa guy disappeared from liveaboard  (he was drunk) at 3 am. now I can understand his body never found as he was lost at sea and not sure where......but In this case she was most probably freediving coastal from ko tao. at this point I will speculate. she blacked out while surfacing. from free diving and drifted out to sea.  any freedivers here. what happened to her?  freedivers will know

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I've refused to to Ko Tao since the British couple were murdered and 2 sacrificial Burmese were set up for it. I wish everyone would do the same as the only way to hurt these people is financially. No tourists means they go back to being coconut farmers.

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