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Walking Street: Has topless Go-Go become a No-No?

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Walking Street: Has topless Go-Go become a No-No?



Picture: 77Jowo


PATTAYA: -- More raids were conducted in Walking Street, South Pattaya, yesterday amid claims that a crackdown was targeting topless dancing at the resort.


On Sunday both the district chief of Banglamung and the head of police were in attendance as they threw the book at "Dance 2" nailing the club with six charges.


Banglamung chief Naris Niramaiwong and Pattaya station boss Apichai Kroppetch went to the club after complaints made at government watchdog Damrongtham Centre that underage drinking was taking place.


The DJ was told to turn off the music and the dancing stopped as 150 customers were checked for their ages and drug taking.


Some 18 people were under the legal age of 20 years and 19 people had tell-tale purple urine tests. In addition eight bags of ketamine were found discarded under tables.


These weighed in at a total of 8.29 grams. Fourteen shisha pipes were also taken into evidence.


The club was charged with opening out of hours, having no operating license, no alcohol license, serving underage customers, allowing drug taking and matters relating to the sale of shisha.


Manager Niwat Saengsaikaew, 30, was taken away.


Meanwhile, Pattaya residents posted on Thaivisa forum that experience on the ground was that there was an evident crackdown on activities in Walking Street including the banning of topless dancing.


Unconfirmed reports suggested that police had been drafted in to mount operations against illegal activities in the area.


Source: 77Jowo, Daily News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-03-13

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21 minutes ago, webfact said:

topless dancing

Great job otherwise we will be seeing open sex practice in Pattaya which will force me to leave Thailand for good.

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17 minutes ago, globin said:

And we all thought time travel was impossible.  How far back will this government take us?

They try hard to stone age 

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