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Tourists caught up in continuing Red Taxi vs Grabcar/Uber war!

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They should have countered with 300B. If the red truck guy declined, then they could have sought another truck.

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There are WAY too many Songthaew's on the streets...how many times have you seen 3 or 4 drive along,usually spewing carbon and clogging traffic flows,with no-bodies on board? I don't know how they are organized,if at all. But cutting the city up into zones and have a set amount of trucks working within the zones may prove to be more profitable than having 1000's just driving around polluting the environment.

Songthaew's & Tuks do have a place in the realm of 'public transport'. With the help of technology we now have an option of 'private' transport. A few years ago when BKK-style taxis emerged on the scene the "mafia" had a big stink over that,but they worked it out to where taxis are not allowed to be hailed.

Uber is 'flagged' (so to speak) with technology that the 'old-school' operators have NO means of controlling.

Its going to be interesting as the new wheels on the road find their niche....hopefully,no one gets shot.


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So, the red cars are allowed to chase uber drivers? In civilized countries citizens arrests are only allowed for serious crimes like assault, murder, robbery.

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On 3/19/2017 at 9:08 AM, balo said:

It's very simple , introduce normal taxis with meter like in Bangkok or Chiang Mai will always be looked upon as a rip-off place for foreigners.

Yes, when I go to bangkok i always use the taximeter and tell them to use meter first,, they occasionally refuse, but the next one usually says yes.. The prices are reasonable.. Only reason uber is so popular here in CM is because the taxi mafia here are idiots and refuse to compete.

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I had at least 15 free rides with Grab Car in the last week using Promo Code : CMCOOL.


Or sometimes  paid a small difference like 15 or 20 THB if the rate was over 50 THB..

Well said for the whole car, with my wife and baby AND Bags from shopping and and and... the drivers are helpful storing stuff etc etc.


hahaha , what are these Songtaews useful for anymore ???





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On 3/14/2017 at 10:44 PM, rkidlad said:

'Later a representative of the red taxi drivers' association said it was nonsense. CCTV footage had been studied and they were not all women - two of the five were men. And the red taxi drivers were not chasing them at all - they were chasing the Grabcar driver'


Okay, so why is this all 'nonsense'? Because it wasn't five females it was three females and two males? How does that change anything? Ah, they weren't chasing and scaring tourists they were chasing and scaring Grab taxi drivers? That's okay then. The mindset of a spoiled and arrogant little brat. 


Absolutely selfish, deluded and entitled scum. Time locals and tourists voted with their feet. Offer us a better and more competitive service or we will boycott you completely. 

5555 beat me to it----cant see the forest for the trees....we didnt scare women there were men!

we didnt chase them we chase driver....<deleted>....really????....as i always say as how much this

love facebook and social media its coming to bite them in the ass--hard to silence that-or

maybe soon to go the way of china and the great firewall--maybe set up my VPN shop..


As for the uber boyz maybe drop them off at the corner and be a bit more discreet ala thai :wai:

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