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Discovery Channel adventurer calls for justice for his Thai wife

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3 hours ago, Amras said:

Agreed. Geez I haven't been reading a lot of comments lately, but damn. Most ThaiVisa posters are still the same. High mighty sitting behind their computer. 


It's 0.2grams for personal use. Hardly worth 15 years in prison. A significant fine maybe, community service (which would be good in Thailand) but not jail. 

While other's drive unlicensed or drunk and kill 1 or multiple people in car accidents walk away with no more than a sorry, it's pathetic really. 


She's not a dealer, she's not selling. 

Remember the only difference between Alcohol and other 'hard' drugs is one is illegal the other isn't. The all ruin a heap of lives, cause violence, dependency and so on. Except 'weed', you'd be hard pressed to find the same amount of negative social consequences of that plant. (Note I don't do any 'drugs' and rarely drink, but I also believe in the choice for other people to do and deal with, the consequences of their own choices). 


Asia and their war on drugs....while running people over in the street is more acceptable. I'll never understand it....

You think taking cocaine is the same as having a bottle of beer?



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I fully understand the charge,but 15+ years and a 1.5 million baht fine,for what amounts to a quarter of a gram of class 2, just seems so disproportionate.We have 2 Burmese on trial for their lives,not for murder but for a fit up.These justices or injustices,are more than enough to scare the average western tourist off,from wanting to visit.Not exactly the sort of headlines to promote tourism.

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An inflammatory post has been removed along with replies and one post from the BKK post, which isn't allowed.  


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1 hour ago, djayz said:

How long until they come after the husband? 

I've seen a couple of his TV shows and have wondered if maybe he was on drugs.

He does things like tormenting snakes until they bite him, stalks tigers on foot in the Sundarban, dives face first into mangrove mud while filming mudskippers and walking in deep snow wearing shorts, socks and Crocs. His dubbed commentary is full of inaccuracies.


However, his lady has been stitched up.

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I presume innocense until proven guilty. To my there was enough doubt to continue innocence assumption. 


Also interesting the catalog of pubishment mentioned earlier on. If I am reading it right, the her scentence exceeds the maximum punishment for the amount. Strange really, as the amount was very low within the bracket. 

Usually users get just a penalty for first time offenses and then have to follow up for some time with reporting etc.


Anyway. To me this story stinks. 

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Just now, jaywalker said:

Google bangkok-post/20150621/282797830013543 to read the full story.


It'll be the top link.


Basically she rescued some wild animal that was destined for Europe, and the cops wanted her to pay 400,000 baht.


She didn't pay so they framed her.

I wonder who will rescue her kids ?

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