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"Many foreign victims expected" as two beefy extortionists arrested in Chiang Mai set-up

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6 hours ago, bobsyouruncle88 said:

This is a scam, its not just these two fat sacks, its a whole gang, they work on this for months enticing the newly arrived falangs to invest in a bar restaurant, let it all run nice for a few months then the partner /front man does a runner and goes into hiding while the unsuspecting investor is leant on for the debt, the Aussie is a stand over man.

What will be interesting is would you do a 10 year vacation in the Thai prison system or finger the others in the gang.

They would have done this many times before so you know, they will get what they deserve.

I hope others who have been duped come out now and go to the police, these scum are the bad part of Thailand, time to drain the swamp.

Yes, I think there are a few variations of that scam.  Met a newbie about five years ago from Oz...he was walking a beat for the Tourist PoPo, but he was an "owner" of a guest house around Moon Mueang.  He seemed to have a false sense of security and reality, boasting about their clientele and room rates that were quite high for this market.  At best, it was six and out...but it did seem this was  a lot different than just another idiot opening a bar in a bad location..it was more like there had been some brainwashing done by the leaders of the investment group, and he simply believed everything they told him without asking the obvious question of what about the 500 other places that deliver the same product for less than half the price.

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