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Tourism ministry sends boats to help Pattaya sea victims

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Tourism ministry sends boats to help Pattaya sea victims



Picture: Sanook


PATTAYA: -- The tourism and sports ministry have allocated two speedboats to help tourists found floundering in the sea in Pattaya.


Minister Kobkarn Watanavangkul sent her underling Dr Chawanee Thongrot to the resort to preside over a ceremony to hand over two boats to the tourist police. The boats will be based at Bali Hai pier in South Pattaya.


The handover of the boats follows comments made by the minister last year that she would be sorting out boat services in Thailand after a series of accidents, reported Sanook.


Dr Chawanee outlined all the good things that the ministry were doing for tourism and explained how the boats would help tourists who had accidents and trouble in the water.


Then she pressed a button on an big red emergency light that started flashing signaling the handover of the two boats - valued at 10 million baht.


Also in attendance were Pattaya police deputy Chayut Ratana-Ubon, tourist police and Banglamung disctrict Chief Naris Niramaiwong.


After the light started flashing everyone had their smiling picture taken and that was the end of the ceremony, reported sanook.com.


Source: Sanook

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-03-17

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Ministress K. only sent her underling Dr.? How come she missed out on a photo-op, flashing lights and all?! 

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I can only assume the tourist ministry means, the floundering tourist is missing generally, not at sea. I had a stroll down beach road today, should have been busy due to the Paddy's day parade, it was dead, a few Chinese, not tour groups, few middle Eastern blokes, usual expats, very quiet.

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