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One week to go: Walking Street more like Hell Zone than Happy Zone as man attacked

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We know full well that the truth in this story  as so many others is elusive. it is what is published or said, the truth, as well as the Thai culture to never admit if your wrong. .

What is rather upsetting is the fact that even after reporting the situation the police seemed to ignore the victims plight and offered zero assistance in first aid or anything else.

So the Police may change their actions but not their habits, foreigners are still seen as a problem.

Pattaya you can keep it thank-you.

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Turn t up.
the main world counties you refer to are bombing Syrian women and children in their homes daily, before it was Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos etc etc. No protection there.
Do you really think some story about an Indian in a Pattaya nightclub who claims he was attacked by ten men, but with no obvious wounds, is really significant or will even be remembered in a month.
This story has as much credablity as the fake Irishmens claims that the Thai van driver stole his money and beat him up. The Irishmen made it up and so did this Indian. And even if it was true, it was Indian verses Indian anyway. 
The thais do an excellent job controlling the thousands of drunken idiots on walking street night after night. For such an alcohol fueled zone it is very safe. Idiots are dealt with swiftly.and very effectively. 
IT is remarkable really. I have been a regular visitor to walking street since before it was even walking street. I have never seen Thais starting trouble, but when needed they certainly know how to finish it and keep it safe for the happy partygoers.
And yes they all unite at the drop of a hat and work as a team when required, which is the best way to deal with out of control drunks, drug affected fools and general trouble making idiots who can't control their excitement, unlike in the "main world" countries where bystanders are too scared to get involved.

Work so a team. Ha ha, you do mean gang up on a single victim.

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