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Park Where Children Play - Chiang Mai

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On 3/20/2017 at 1:50 AM, pomegranate said:

Indeed, you are right.

So I will precise what I am looking for :

A park where my soon-7 years old son can ride his bike, meet other children, play with the ball, ...

I will see if I can update the tittle of the topic.


Thank you.

Buak Haad Park is not suitable for anyone with pushbikes, especially children, apart from parking up against a tree, because many people use the (not very wide) pathway to walk around for exercise. There is a concrete area at one end where people can (and do) play ball games. At the other end there is a children's playground suitable for 5-10 year-olds.  there are also shops that sell soft drinks, snacks, fish and bird food. A few cats/kittens live there, but no dogs are allowed - at least that's what the sign says.

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54 minutes ago, johnnysunshine said:

Attractions : Ratchaphruek Garden - Tourism Authority of Thailand - lots of room to walk and enjoy the gardens and tons of parking space for little ones to scoot around.   Southwest of the city by the Night Safari!

It's important to state that only the outside parking space - it's huge -  is suitable for bike riding, but not allowed in the gardens. Just note you'll be paying tourist prices for entry

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