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AMA, Xterra bring off road triathlon, trail run to Phuket

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AMA, Xterra bring off road triathlon, trail run to Phuket

Phuket Gazette




PHUKET: Xterra Thailand and Active Management Asia (AMA) have partnered up to organize the ‘Xterra Off Road Triathlon and Trail Run’ on April 1 in Phuket. Following the success of Xterra Samui held last year, the company is now hosting its debut event in the ‘Xterra Asia Pacific and World Series 2017- Road to Hawaii’.

The trail run event, part of the ‘Xterra Trail Running World Championship 2017’, features 30km, 13km and 3 km runs for families and children. 

The triathlon and duathlon are part of the ‘Xterra Offroad Triathlon World and Asia Pacific Series’. The triathlon features swimming, mountain biking and trail running, whereas the duathlon includes trail running, mountain biking and then back to trail running. 

All events will be held on the same day. Winners will receive free tickets to participate in the Xterra World Championship finals to be held in Hawaii at the end of the year. 

Xterra is a global leader in off-road sports, known worldwide for its cross triathlons and trail running races, with over 300 events held annually across the globe.


Full story: http://www.phuketgazette.net/phuket-news/AMA-Xterra-bring-off-road-triathlon-trail/66384?desktopversion#ad-image-0


-- © Copyright Phuket Gazette 2017-03-19

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