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X-ray check on lorry in Lampang reveals haul of meth tablets

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For Gawd's sake Mods, close this thread. It's been taken over by ranting TEFL-ites :offtopic:

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On 3/25/2017 at 10:43 AM, Shawn0000 said:


Collectively, yes, by population there are more people in countries where English is the first or an official language that use American English, but by number of countries, if we look at how widespread, then it is not even close, the number of countries using British English far exceed those using American, but then not when you include second language speakers, then American English again exceeds, a relatively recent change but one that has already happened.

Quick update for you, cos I know you're so wedded to India using the word Lorry when referring to a truck.  Here is a link to road signs used in India.  Not a lorry in sight. :shock1:


http://www.aasindia.org/Traffic signs.pdf


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