What do you like most about Thai girls?

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1 minute ago, binjalin said:

Young man, and I assume you are younger than I by your rash judgement (I am in my 60s),  I might be framed as many a thing but 'blue collar' or 'low grade foreigner' I would hope not after a long career in business and a good education at a top university.


Save your judgement for the pulpit for you are a preacher at heart. Calm down and live your life without need for casting aspersion please? I shall not engage you anymore and wish you well.

I didn't say you were blue collar: I said the forum is generally a blue collar place.I know nothing about you.Nor do I regard "blue collar" an aspersion.My father was a blue collar worker

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Posts removed. Debate by all means but keep it civil and no personal attacks please.


7) You will respect fellow members and post in a civil manner. No personal attacks, hateful or insulting towards other members, (flaming) Stalking of members on either the forum or via PM will not be allowed.

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On 4/27/2017 at 11:36 AM, jayboy said:


No most Thai girls are not "flexible" in the sense you use it.If anything Thai girls tend to be rather conservative in sexual morality but most foreigners don't have much experience of that world.

As for the types people like you mix with, I agree there isn't always crystal like clarity.But a useful working rule is that if a girl takes cash ( even a "little assistance") for putting it out, she's a prostitute.


Part of the problem in perception is that most foreigners  (especially the sex tourist types) tend to be of low social class and low level education.They mix almost entirely with Thais of a similar or even  lower level.Thus it's not surprising they often completely misread or misunderstand what ordinary Thais think or feel.

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By flexible lets call them wildcards. With the exception of elite hi - so girls ( that  you are conflating with average Thai girls)  For examples:  (1.)  The university  girls who accept some cash because they want a new phone - right now.(2) I  once talked to a girl who worked at a convenience store as she was walking on Beach rd. From conversation i quickly realized that in addition to being 21 yrs she was moonlighting. (3). Holiday hookers : these are girls like the one I met at Beergarden, BKK. She worked in a bank in Chiang Mai   but was taking a working vacation in Bangkok. I realize these examples do not fit in very well with your very limited experience /perceptions regarding the majority of  ladies in Thailand... And by the way most of the forum members here are long time residents and educated ( I have B.S. Biology, 24 semester units Chemistry) The sex tourist types you are conflating with this forums members  are found on the PA forum . 




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Well all i can say i have a Thai partner She looks after me very well I am very happy to live here No pressure 

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