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Free Internet Access planned for Hua Hin

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Free Internet Access planned for Hua Hin




Miss Busaba Choksuchart the deputy of Hua-Hin municipality has presided over a meeting to discuss plans for internet services in the town. The meeting was joined by Mrs. Ubon Pongpang a director of Academic Affairs and Planning Department, local school administrators and community representatives.


The project is to establish internet services for education and tourism and to promote learning and access to information with information and communication technology as a tool and resource for students, youth, people and tourists. The aim is to enable local communities to have free of charge 24 hours services.


The project aims to have wireless internet broadcasting equipment around Hua Hin with at least 200 points. At those attending the meeting sought to define guidelines for use such as, the duration of service per session per person. They will now survey areas and begin to set up a wireless internet access points.

The project expected to be available by the end of September 2017.


Source: http://www.huahintoday.com/local-news/free-internet-access-planned-hua-hin/


-- Hua Hin Today 2017-4-3

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"duration of service per session per person", such as the totally useless 15 min. at Swampy.


September 2017 will come and go and nothing will happen.

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