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BANGKOK 11 December 2018 22:53

Fresh Water Fishing in Koh Samui?

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Hello Everyone, 


I'm new and signed up to this forum for this particular question.  

Normally I go out off the south of Samui on my boat and rock it at fishing down in the Gulf. 

However, now my boat is at the shop to get some upgrades done and I really have the urge to sit near the water and to go fishing. 


I could go to the Nathon pier, cast out and go out fishing in the sea there, though I always see locals go fishing at the Chaweng Lake and I'm very curious what is to catch there? 

Also, if it's interesting to actually go fishing there, what tackle and bait would be used? Worms? Crickets? Bread? Corn? Or would you suggest trying out everything. I'm sure there must be a wonder bait that works for most, predatorily species? 

I'm not interested to go out fishing at the private TOPCATS lake for several reasons, as for the Russian lake near Chaweng. 


Wishing everyone a great day! 

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