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Jonathan Fairfield

Choice Group Asia Promotions Valid until June 15th

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Choice Group Asia Promotions Valid until June 15th


EMAIL[email protected] for further details


Thaivisa 2.7 Million Visitors a Month to Our Website

  • 45% Discount on Newsletter Advertorials 5000 baht to reach 314,000 Subscribers.
  • 10,000 baht for Two advertorials Plus 1 months unlimited forum posts. Save 10,000 baht
  • Buy Any Banner with a minimum spend of 3 months and receive One free Newsletter advertorial per month. Save 24000 Baht


Thailand Channel TV

  • National TV reach in over 2 million Hotel rooms in Bangkok and a further estimated 1 million rooms elsewhere in Thailand.  750,000 cable Subscribers. 
  • Spend 15,000 a month on an Advertising campaign and receive a free video Production… Travel Fees will apply outside Pattaya/Bangkok/Hua hin.
  • Spend 40,000 baht a month with Thailand Channel receive a 1minute feature length Video Plays 2 times daily & 60 times per month. Receive Inspire Bangkok expat Package Absolutely free.
  • Other offers: 40 second Advert Plays 2 times daily & 60 times a month.  25000 Minimum 6 Months



  • Targets expats in each region through weekly enewsletters, facebook, twitter, instragram, line, app, youtube and websites. You will connect with thousands of expats repeatedly every single week.
  • Advertise With Inspire Bangkok or Inspire Pattaya for 5000 baht Includes a free 45 second Video. 


Pattaya Channel TV  

  • Advertise with the largest Cable Provider in Pattaya with over 40,000 Subscribers in Homes, Hotels and Guesthouses
  • Spend 8000 baht per month for 30 Second advert Plays on Sophon cable TV 120 times Per month. This offer includes no production fee.


Hua Hin Channel TV  

  • Advertise with Hua hin’s LEADING Cable TV Provider G cable. 
  • 30 Second advert plays 12 times per day 360 times per month for only 15000 baht. This offer includes no production fee


EMAIL[email protected] for further details


     These offers close 15th June 2017




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