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Two killed and five injured when pickup truck smashed into a tree

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11 hours ago, steveyinasia said:

And people have been complaining that the pickup rule is unfair, is it unfair that people are killed/injured from such a dangerous practice?

They weren't riding on the back but no doubt would not have had seat belts fastened. Given the distance they were from origin of Chachoengsao, sleepy driver syndrome probably came into play

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11 hours ago, Jonmarleesco said:

This would be before the enforcement of the rules.

There is never going to be any enforcement of the laws But hey they have great meetings the people in charge of transport They Talk talk talk talk talk smile after talk then give bullshit press statement  on what they are going to do All smiles for camera then go home forget about it The other problem is someone for got to tell the keystone cops they have to enforce the law See the cops here are like the taxi drivers in Bangkok They are suppose to be police but dont act like one just like the taxi drivers They suppose to be taxi drivers but dont act like one

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