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Topless women at Songkran face 5,000 baht fine say police

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Topless women at Songkran face 5,000 baht fine say police



Picture: Daily News


BANGKOK: -- The met police have singled out women at this year's Songkran festival in the capital.


They have been told in no uncertain terms by police - show your breasts and we will fine you up to 5,000 baht, reported Daily News.


This is part of Article 388 of the law.


Sompong Chingdual speaking at metropolitan HQ yesterday also warned female revelers that lewd behavior can lead to crime: "Don't behave or dance provocatively - this can lead to sex offences".


Sompong implored all participants in the water splashing to dress and behave politely according to the best Thai traditions.


He stressed that high-powered water guns were not to be used and anyone doing so would be arrested.


Powder is completely banned in Khao San Road.


Elsewhere if powder is applied it should be done without sexual overtones. If men use it as an opportunity to squeeze women inappropriately they will be charged.


Sompong also said that the met force would be very strict on the roads with drink driving a complete no-no. Many alcohol testing checkpoints will be set up throughout the capital.


For people going up-country he asked drivers to check their vehicles especially the roadworthiness of tires. Also check your routes and identify possible shortcuts, he suggested


He added in his message to "phee - nong Thai" (the public): "Splash water in the best Thai traditions please. Play politely and look after your children.


"Remember we are still in a time of mourning so behave appropriately".


Source: Daily News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-04-11
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BANGKOK 19 June 2018 23:08