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Samsung S6 upgraded to Android 7.0

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bkkmick    238



On Saturday my Samsung S6 Edge upgraded to Android 7.0


Since then my 4G internet connection has been rubbish. I like to listen to the radio while driving, since the upgrade the stream frequently disconnects and re-connects. Quite annoying. Before the upgrade I could listen seemlessly. 


Have any settings been automatically changed? Has anyone experienced this and found a solution?




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mtls2005    3,242

Hard to know exactly but maybe an issue with the radio/modem software included in the upgrade?


It seems like there were a lot of issues with the S6/Android 7.0 release from Samsung, which caused quite a delay. Maybe some major flaw snuck in to the release you utilized?


I'd probably do a bit of research, and then either find a more reliable 7.0 version, or go back to 6.0, or check for updates.



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bkkmick    238

Thanks for the link mtls. The version that downloaded is the first Thailand in the list. Not quite sure what to do. Just struggle on and be patient, I guess.


Lucky you rich.

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JaseTheBass    1,293

Have you checked the power saving settings?

In device maintenance, select battery and turn the power saving mode to off.

Also, under connections, data usage, turn the data saver to off.

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