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Monk Blessing Ceremony at Rescue Paws

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Monk Blessing Ceremony at Rescue Paws


On Wednesday morning 5 April, Rescue Paws hosted the monks of Wat Khao Tao to signify the inauguration of their new dog kennels with a monk blessing ceremony. 


After years of housing hundreds of rescued animals, in the last days of 2016, the original kennel structure finally succumbed to the wear and tear of paws and claws. Having reached a point beyond repair, nothing more could be done to avoid the inevitable drastic step of a complete overhaul.  Fortunately, thanks to the kindhearted generosity of their supporters, Rescue Paws was able to reconstruct their kennel facility literally from the ground up in just a matter of weeks, and all rescue efforts could be recommenced without significant delay or disruption.


The ceremony marks an exciting, new chapter for Rescue Paws and the numerous dogs in their care, whilst also commemorating the souls that have each played part in their journey thus far. 


When asked about the significance of the monk blessing ceremony for Rescue Paws, Operations Manager Hanli Engelbrecht replied,  “Today’s blessing reflects the deepening sense of commitment and determination in the community to the Rescue Paws cause. On the strength of growing support, we look forward to making even greater strides to help the countless suffering animals around us”.


* Rescue Paws is dedicated to improving the lives of stray animals in the Hua Hin district, by addressing the stray animal epidemic through sterilizations, vaccinations, adoptions and education.  Learn more about the incredible work that’s being done, how to support further rescue efforts, and their award-winning Volunteer Program offering:  

[email protected] | www.rescuepawsthailand.org | www.facebook.com/rescuepawsthailand

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On 4/13/2017 at 10:30 AM, Bundaberg Baxter said:

How much did they pay the monks? You would think westerners would have more sense than to engage in this nonsense

If you look at their website, they are located on temple land.   Some of the key, full-time staff appear to be Thai but the Operations Manager is European.

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