Being denied entry with marriage visa

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28 minutes ago, dentonian said:

That was enough dribble for me......I can understand why your wife doesn't want to go with you!

I'll say no more in response, less I receive a 2 week holiday.


Point taken shouldn't made such a rude generalization. Although I have a semi-legitimate reason for saying so the big boss in our Village that owns a bunch of stuff here including the house we live in I have been asking him for fixing water dribble in the house every time there is the same answer may bpen rai lan prung nii (tommorow). It still hasn't been fixed. Had a huge problem with getting internet too. Used to joke with my wife that this is an amazing thing this tommorow because thanks to it we don't have to do anything today. BTW Trying to fix my post but it seems I can't with my previous post,oh well. Will end up as  a douchebag

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On ‎4‎/‎15‎/‎2017 at 1:50 PM, Frank12 said:


Of course you are right and thats the plan. I am planning to go take my wife to my country. The problem is the son because he speaks only Thai and again in my country (Poland) there aren't that many people that speak English too and Polish is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn overall. (not to mention I am concerned about my wife ability to Learn Polish in English) and we just didn't want to leave him behind but maybe we will have to at some point (at least infrequently he will be forced to stay with grandma while either me or me and my wife will be abroad). I mean we were taking him for private English classes with the intention to reloacting to Europe but he was consistently super rebelious about it and wasn't making any progress so we just gave up doing it against him no point in forcing him to do so. And while not working I did invested the capital succesfully so it is not I was literally retired.  I was planning to create some business here in Thailand but then the legal situation seem more and more complicated so I am just concerned to do so with the junta and more and more histility towards foreginers.

Poland is a fantastic country but personally I wouldn't consider it to be an attractive place for a foreigner (especially a Thai) to immigrate to. Unlike western Europe, there are still relatively few non-Europeans living there and it might not be that easy for your wife to get a job. I would recommend you look into living where both of you will be happy. If that's Thailand, so be it. While it is not easy, it is far from impossible to find a decent job, there are after all more than 100,000 foreigners on work permits working in white collar professions in Thailand, there's no reason why you can't be number 100,001. Or start some sort of business, but do your research and be careful.


More hostility towards foreigners now than before the current regime? Nope, I don't feel that at all. Thailand is developing fast and is simply "cleaning up" the long-term tourists and other undesirables, but the vast majority of those on multiple entry business, marriage or other visas and extensions of stay experience no problems whatsoever.

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